Welcome to the Church of the Logos

Hello, and welcome.  This site contains a unique interpretation of the book of Revelation.  Many of the concepts contained in this site might be considered heretical or unorthodox to traditional interpretations of Revelation, but they are based on the unique revelation and inspiration given to Justin Robert Swanhart, the founder of this Church.  I hope that you can understand the unique perspective of this revelation to Justin Swanhart as it was given over time to him.  What follows is the truth as understood by Justin.  Many of the revelations about Revelation are based on astrological signs in the heavens.  Genesis says that the stars are given to signs and seasons, thus it makes sense that many of the stories in Revelation are related to astrological signs.

Of primary interest is probably the “Revelation timeline” which can be viewed at http://logos.church/timeline.php.  This timeline includes the major events of the last 2000 years as related to the book of Revelation.